The MACBA Foundation is a private non-profit organisation established since 1987.

The MACBA Foundation was established with the mission of creating a contemporary art museum in Barcelona with an art collection that would provide dissemination and understanding of contemporary artístic creation, as well as Building a legacy for both the city and the country.

Nowadays, the Foundation recieves the support of individuals and companyies who reinforce culture and believe in the importance of having a contemporary art museum of International reference in the city of Barcelona. The Foundation has enjoyed a period of sustained growth in suport in the last decades, with over 180 individuals and organisations now committed to the city and contemporary art.

The Foundation is part of the MACBA Consortium, the museum’s governing body, together with Barcelona City Council, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Who we are

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the MACBA Foundation and is responsible for ensuring the fulfilment of its founding objectives. The Board of Trustees currently comprises twenty-eight members, all of whom have a recognised career in the business sector of our country.

The Board of Trustees, which convenes quarterly, appoints an Executive Committee that oversees and regularly monitors the annual action plan in order to streamline the management of the Foundation.


The MACBA Foundation’s collaborators are all those individuals and companies who offer their  yearly support and contribute to the expansion of the MACBA Collection and the development of the museum’s educational and social programmes.


Foundational Objectives

⬜ To create a collection of contemporary art and documentation through the acquisition and management of deposits and donations received by the Foundation.

⬜ To promote knowledge and interest in contemporary art by organising guided visits to the MACBA exhibitions and other institutions, trips to art fairs, lectures, courses, seminars and further activities related to contemporary artistic production.

Public-private partnership

The MACBA Foundation and MACBA are two legally independent institutions that collaborate under the same goal; to promote the development of national contemporary art with external projection, as well as bring international avant-garde art closer to the local public. This public-private partnership model is a pioneering structure in the Spanish museum sector.

The MACBA Consortium is the museum’s governing body. It is comprised of the MACBA Foundation, which represents civil society, Barcelona City Council, the Government of Catalonia and the Spanish Ministry of Culture. Ainhoa Grandes, President of the MACBA Foundation also serves as the third vice-president of the MACBA Consortium.

At the MACBA Foundation we recognise the value of culture as a social asset. Knowledge on culture contributes to the creation of a more cohesive and advanced society. Furthermore, private initiative is building a legacy with a desire to serve the public. The MACBA Foundation is convinced that the MACBA Collection and contemporary art are effective tools that enable the interpretation of reality and a better understanding of the social, political, technological and cultural changes that we are experimenting.

For over 30 years, MACBA Foundation Has been acknowledged by various institutions for its work in promoting and developiing philantropy and patronage.





Pasqual Maragall, Mayor of Barcelona, commissions businessman Leopoldo Rodés to set up a Fundation to promote and support the creation of a contemporary art museum in the city of Barcelona.


Signing of the founding act of the MACBA Foundation.
The first meeting of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees held at the first headquarters in the Royal Palace of Pedralbes.


The MACBA Consortium is constituted  the managing body of the museum, formed by the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council and the MACBA Foundation.


Richard Meier presents the preliminary draft of the future building for the museum.


Laying of the first foundationing stone of the museum.


Construction of Richard Meier’s Building


Completion of construction work on Richard Meier’s Building.
30.000 people visit the Museum during the open door weekend (30th April – 1st May).


Opening of the artist Jorge Oteiza’s entitled “Ola”.
The presentation of Antoni Tàpies’ Rinzen takes places thanks to Repsol Foundation’s donation.


The most extensive exhibition of the MACBA Collection so far opens with 250 works of art.


The first edition of “Salir del MACBA” takes place.


Celebration of the 25th annivesary of the MACBA Foundation.


Ainhoa Grandes is appointed president of the Foundation.


Launching and presentation of the book “History of a compromise with Culture” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Foundation.


Architectural studios Christ & Gantenbein and HArquitectes win the competition for the expansion of MACBA Museum with the project “Galería”.



A new group of Young collaborators of the Foundation is created under the name of “MACBA Studio”.
Celebration of the second edition of “Salir del MACBA”.


Cristina López


Beatriz Barba

Deputy Director

Maria Zalbidea

Head of collection and individual patronage

Mariona Benaiges

Head of communication and corporate patronage

Carol Roura

Head of administration and secretary

Charlie Corbella Raggio