Educational and social projects

The MACBA Foundation supports the museum with its social and educational projects.
Bringing contemporary art closer to the public by supporting the museum in the development of social programmes that integrate an increasingly wider public is one of the Foundation’s main responsabilities.

The children of the neighbourhood programme

The programme, entitled “Els nens i nenes del barri” and “Grup de joves”, allows children from 9 to 12 years old and young people from 12 years old in the Raval neighbourhood to experience the museum with an artist through creative activities.

The Digital MACBA Collection

A virtual journey through the MACBA Collection, filled with curiosities and exclusive unreleased content, hearing the voices of the artists and exploring the more unusual prespectives of the collection.

Narratives around the MACBA Collection

In collaboration with the “La Caixa” Foundation, a series of audiovisual capsules have been produced in which the artists featured in the MACBA Collection explain the genesis of their art pieces, the sources of inspiration for them, and the motivations that drive them. The capsules are available on the MACBA channel in the CaixaForum + platform.

The Foundation’s Sutainability Project

Development of the MACBA sustainability project, generating debates and initiatives towards more sustainable practice in the cultural institution.