One of the main objectives of the MACBA Foundation is to contribute to the creation of a reference contemporary art collection in Barcelona and to make it accessible to all citizens.

The Foundation is responsible for acquiring pieces for the MACBA Collection. These are chosen by the museum’s director and valued by the International Advisory Committee, which is composed by experts, curators and contemporary art centre directors of great prestige. The committee is currently composed of Chris Dercon, Naomi Beckwith, Jessica Morgan, Shumon Basar, Pablo Lafuente and Martí Manen.

The MACBA Collection enjoys a well-deserved reputation for excellence at both from a local and international perspective. Its legacy will enable future generations to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary art.

The Collection’s chronological development begins with material abstraction from the 1950s, evolves towards pop, avant-garde art from the 1960s and 1970s, conceptualism, poetic experimentation related to institutional critique, the return of photographic figurativism and anti-minimalist sculpture from the 1980s, and culminates in memory and political commitment, as well as the 1980s anti-media movement.


Col·lecció MACBA

Vitrinas CYMK

Aballí, Ignasi

La Celosía

Valcárcel, Isidoro

NADA reiterada…

Arza, Mar


Garrido, Cristina

Conjunto de 7 obras


Las Muertes Chiquitas

Mireia Sallarés

No title

Soledad Sevilla

Suspensión I (2019)

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El nido

Pepe Espaliú

Two Meetings and a Funeral

Naeem Mohaiemen

SOS: Senyals de fum des d’un subsol

Antoni Lena