In 1999, the Board set up a working group consisting of young people from the cultural and business worlds with the intention to provide the Foundation with new ideas and dynamism, This was the beginning of the MACBA Foundation Workshop, whose main objectives are:

1.To promote the activities of the Foundation and the museum.

2.To capture resources intended to create the museum’s permanent collection.

The Workshop currently carries out activities such as organising fund-raising events; tours of the MACBA’s exhibitions guided by their curators; guided trips to other contemporary art centres; dinners/colloquiums with outstanding personalities from the art world and cultural trips.

The Workshop consists of:

Núria Basi More
Joan-Jordi Bergós
José Luis Blanco Ruiz
Elena Calderón de Oya
Artur Carulla Font
Josep Francesc Conrado de Villalonga
María Entrecanales Franco
Isidre Fainé i Casas
Santiago Fisas i Ayxelá
Joan Gaspart i Solves
Jaume Giró Ribas
Liliana Godia Guardiola
Javier Godó Muntañola, conde de Godó
Dinath de Grandi de Grijalbo
Victoria Ibarra de Oriol, baronesa de Güell
José María Juncadella Salisachs
Victoria Quintana Trias
Maria Reig Moles
Francisco Reynés Massanet
Alfonso Rodés Vilà
Marta Uriach Torelló
Mercedes Vilá Recolons
Juan Ybarra Mendaro