The MACBA Foundation began with the mission of starting a collection of contemporary art for the city and the country, as well as contributing to greater dissemination and comprehension of contemporary artistic creation.

Founding objectives

  • To create a collection of art and documents through the purchase of works and management of deposits and donations received by the Foundation.
  • To promote knowledge of an interest in contemporary art with the organisation of exhibitions, conferences, courses, seminars and all kinds of activities related to current artistic production.


Public/private alliance

The MACBA Foundation and MACBA are two legally independent institutions working together with a common aim: to promote the development of national contemporary art and to provide it with a profile abroad, as well as publicising international avant-garde art to local people. This public/private alliance model is a pioneer among Spanish museums.

The MACBA Foundation, the museum’s governing body, is formed by the Foundation – representing civil society – Barcelona City Council, the Government of Catalonia and the Spanish Ministry of Culture. The Chairman of the MACBA Foundation, Ainhoa Grandes, is also third Vice-Chairman of MACBA Consortium.

At the MACBA Foundation, culture is understood as a social asset. A high level of culture contributes to creating a more cohesive, advanced society. So, based on private initiative, a legacy is being constructed with a desire to provide a public service. The MACBA Foundation firmly believes that the MACBA collection and contemporary art in general are effective tools helping provide a better interpretation of reality and a better understanding of the social, political, technological and cultural changes being experienced by the ordinary people.

Throughout almost 25 years, the MACBA Foundation’s work encouraging and developing philanthropy and sponsorship has been recognised by different institutions.