Cabane Eclatée, 1996CC3-Maileryn. Quasi Cinema, 1973Eye / Machine III, 20033 punts, 1972M.I.T. project, 1990 - 2009Saison des pluies nº 2, 1990


In 1985, Pasqual Maragall took the initiative in creating a Museum of Contemporary Art. He involved Leopoldo Rodés, representing civil society, and the Prime Minister of Catalonia, Jordi Pujol, and in 1986 the American architect Richard Meier was asked to take charge of designing the new museum.

In 1987, the new Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation was set up, chaired by the businessman, confirming the entry of private initiative into the project.

In 1988, the MACBA Consortium was set up, represented by the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council and the MACBA Foundation. In 2008, the Spanish Ministry of Culture joined the Consortium.

The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art was officially opened on 28 November 1995. Since it was set up it has been run by Daniel Giralt-Miracle (1988–1994), Miquel Molins (1995–1998), Manuel José Borja-Villel (1998–2007) and Bartomeu Marí (since 2008).